Bravo! A Performance at the Sydney Opera House

Our last day in Sydney happened to be a Saturday, which was to our advantage because there was actually a concert at the opera house that we wanted to see – and there were still a few tickets available in the choir loft. The Whitlams (a popular rock band that I’d never heard of) were playing with the Sydney Symphony.

The concert was in the evening, so we had time to see more of Sydney during the day. The boys went back to Darling Harbor to a maritime museum, while Mom and I wandered around shopping in the Queen Victoria building complex. It was an area bustling with Christmas shoppers, and the building itself was magnificently redone.

After a short rest back at the condo that afternoon, we walked back to the Opera House. My first goal was to get some photos with the building behind us, trying to recreate the shot that they took of us and tried to get us to buy during the tour a few days prior. Unfortunately the time of day wasn’t great – the sun was in our eyes.

The other three were plenty annoyed with me by this time, but I still wanted a group shot. I had something like this in mind:

So I asked a guy to snap the photo, and here’s what I got, with his idiot sidekick in the background.

We were quite early for the performance, so we meandered around the lobby facing the harbor until they let us in the auditorium.

It was fun to watch the auditorium fill from our birds-eye vantage point.

The concert was quite good – phenomenal sound, even sitting behind the musicians. The band was a cross between U2 and Harry Connick Jr., with the lead singer on piano.

When the concert was over we walked back toward the condo along the same street that we’d been walking all week, but this time we got a treat! It was our first pass in the dark, so we hadn’t seen the buildings lit with fancy lights.

The evening was a great wrap to our trip with Mom and Dad. The next morning we cleaned up the condo and headed for the airport, where Derek and I got through check-in much faster than the other two (our flight was sooner, so check-in was already open when we arrived). So as we waited for them to meet us at our gate and say goodbye, I ran over to the bookstore to get dad a copy of the Warren Buffet biography and something to drink. They called for our flight to board, and they hadn’t yet arrived. I was getting worried…and weepy. Finally, at the very last second, they came around the corner and we said goodbye before heading on 14 hour flights in different directions.


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